The banofee pie conversation

Facebook est un merveilleux moyen de procrastination et de poilade pour les gens qui passent la journée à bosser sur un ordinateur connecté à internet. Que les anglophones parmi vous jugent plutôt:

[Statut]James is finishing off the banofee pie so that Lou doesn’t have to — taking one for the team.
Armalite: Such altruism. Allow me to shed a tear of awe.
James: If this were wartime, they’d give me a medal.
Armalite: Inspired by your example, I’m about to force myself to eat the last piece of cheesecake sadly sitting in the fridge. Let it not be said that food goes to waste in this house.
James: It’s important to be thrifty in these difficult times.
Gemme: Tu t’es trouvé un fournisseur d’excuses bidons, Arma ?
James: It’s a co-dependent relationship. And they’re not « bidons » excuses, they’re perfectly valid.
Armalite: *through a mouthful of cheesecake* Sorry miss, my french is not so good and I don’t understand what you’re talking about.
Gemme: Ben tiens !! I said, you have found a new dealer of phony excuses ? And sorry for my English.
James: I understood perfectly. Armalite’s French is appalling, though.
Armalite: I’m sorry, I can’t hear anything, all this cream must be blocking my eardrums.
James: Try using a spoon instead of burying your face in it.
Gillian: Burying your face in it is the *only* way to eat cake!!
Armalite: Thank you, lady whom I don’t know but who obviously knows how to live!
Gillian: We will have to meet! But I maintain you’re not eating cake if you’ve not got frosting in your ears 🙂 James might be too serious to realise these things . . .
James: I’d advise you, Gillian and Armalite, not to get together. The world couldn’t take it. And I’d especially advise you not to set up a patisserie shop together.

Etc etc.

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