Valeriane in Inisfallen

[En triant mes documents Word, je viens de tomber sur le descriptif d’un perso que j’avais fait pour un JdR en ligne. Et quand je dis « perso », hum…]
Valeriane has made a long journey to come to Inisfallen. She’s in her late twenties, about 5’7”, with a medium build, dark eyes, milky skin and long dark red hair.
All she’s interested in is learning and, maybe someday, imparting her knowledge to other people. But that is not the only reason she left home to go wandering through the world. As a very opinionated, somehow politically incorrect female, she sometimes leans toward arrogance and a know-it-all attitude, and is quick to anger people. Not being a gregarious person, she doesn’t really mind: she’s just annoyed that people are too stupid to realise she’s right, most of the time. Her travels have started to soften her a bit, though, and she’s (slowly) coming to realise that a person’s worth does not only lie in her intelligence.
Valeriane has a very sarcastic, dry sense of humour, and is often too stubborn to shut up when she should. But she is never cruel, and at heart, she’s a good, compassionnate person (though she would die rather than admit it). She has a strong sense of justice, and will help the weak whenever possible. She can be quite generous, but she’s always very private about her good deeds. She’s also incredibly frank, not at all the backstabbing or comploting kind.
Having traveled and seen a lot, and being wise for her young age despite all her faults, she’s a good conversationnalist – though books interest her much more than people. She tends to get bored quickly and is constantly looking for new, exciting stuff to experiment. She has a very addictive personnality, and strives to hide this fact because she doesn’t want it to be seen as a weakness.
A few other random facts about her: good at horsemanship, but prone to terrible seasickness. Despises violence of any kind. A bit lazy; doesn’t like to get her hands dirty. Her worst nightmare would be to end up a wife and a mother.

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  1. « she sometimes leans toward arrogance and a know-it-all attitude, and is quick to anger people. » *tousse* *tousse*

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