How do you cut out from your life people who have seen you laugh and cry. Who listened to you sleeping and shared their warmth with you. Who saw what you look like in the morning after a restless night. Who travelled to the other side of the world with you and stared at the same alien landscapes. Who know your most shameful thoughts and darkest secrets. Who have mercilessly mocked you and selflessly helped you. Who know what a goofball you can be under the intellectual aloofness you usually show to the world. Who gave you back something you thought you had lost forever: faith in love and friendship. Who brought spring in your life after a very long winter. Who are all that really matters deep down.
But how do you live with the constant heartache and paranoïa, the fear that something unbearable is going to happen – and you know it will, you just don’t know when. With the vulnerability that you hate, the feeling of being inadequate and pathetic that denies you the self-esteem you had such a hard time building up. With the voice in your head that says « You’re just not enough ».
In the end, what takes more strength?

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  1. It’s easier to runaway but not the right way (that’s MY point of view and my experience). And if you go, you’ll never know and how could you know that it will happen when the concerned person don’t know what will happen. (j’ai fait un sérieux effort là lol merci au dico. C’était juste ?)

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